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Five-Star Certified

What We're Made Of

The caregivers make us who we are. Our dedication to providing the highest quality care possible is paramount. To this end, Assurance Companion Care has established a bottom line standard at the top. Assurance Companion Care's Five-Star Certification is stringent. You expect nothing less for your own family.

The hiring and certification qualifications (five stars) are made up of a thorough and multiple interview process, background and criminal check, TB skin test, personality assessment and professional reference interviews.

1. Thorough and Multiple Interview Process

  • Resume review.
    • Pre qualification: must possess prior caregiver or relevant experience to proceed.
  • Initial phone screen/interview
  • Face-to-face interview: #1.
  • Face-to-face interview: #2.

2. Background and Criminal Check

  • Felonies: sex offender, theft, assault and battery, alcohol and drug abuse.
    • Any caregiver candidate possessing a background with these infractions is immediately removed from consideration.
  • Social security verification
  • Traffic violations

3. TB Skin Test

  • The health of our caregivers is directly related to the well being of our company.

4. Personality Assessment

  • Assurance Companion Care must know who we are making a part of our family before introducing them to yours.
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is utilized as an assessment tool for the purpose of more fully understanding the psychological makeup of our caregivers.

5. Professional Reference Interviews

  • We dig into the past working experiences of our caregiver candidates.
  • What others have to say about the caregiver candidate and who is doing the talking matters to us.

When the process is complete and the caregiver is certified, they are added to the active caregiver list. They are then bonded and insured. While building a care plan with the client, Assurance Companion Care will quickly come to understand the needs to be met and suggest the caregivers which match the client's profile. The last word absolutely comes from the client. If they are dissatisfied with the caregiver, then Assurance Companion Care will assign another caregiver. Satisfaction and peace of mind is our goal.

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