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Complete List Of Services

How may we serve your attendant care needs? If there is something we can do for you not mentioned below and is within the scope of our mandate, then please ask. That's what we're here for.

Our goal is to be the best attendant care provider available. For us, there is nothing more important.

  1. Personal Care Services
    • These are intimate services and often a sensitive issue to address when a loved one is in need of this care. Assurance caregivers are understanding about the nature of personal care and extend every courtesy to ensure our client's privacy and comfort are served with confidentiality and sensitivity.
  2. Home Care Services
    • Home care services are a staple of our service offering, as unattended household duties are often the first sign that a family member's living situation needs attention. Helping to maintain the living environment is an integral part of keeping harmony in the home and living with dignity. Additionally, cleanliness is a contributing factor of retaining one's health.
  3. Companion Care Services
    • Companion care is all in the name. It's an addressing of the spirit and a client's emotional needs. Staying engaged with life is food for the soul. Our caregivers are active in supporting the client with their interests and normal activities, thereby fostering independence and an uplifting of joy.
  4. Transportation Only Services
    • Our transportation service is separate from the attendant care services listed above. An attendant can provide transportation and run errands for their client. This service is intended for those who do not require a regular caregiver presence in their lives.
  5. Meal Delivery Services
    • Healthy and fresh meals delivered daily to your door.

Personal Care Services

  • Bathing Assistance
    • Our caregivers appreciate the importance of this daily activity. It is also a core task our caregivers are prepared to perform. Every portion of the process has a safe method of completion. The level of participation between the client and caregiver are established in advance when the care plan is assembled. The amount of involvement is up the client. Assistance with a complete or partial bath can easily be accommodated.
  • Hygiene Assistance
    • This assistance is important to physical and mental health.
  • Restroom Assistance
    • This is always a delicate subject. Our caregivers are supportive, respectful, discrete and professional in performing these duties. It's a very human experience to handle with dignity, for the client and ourselves. We are experienced in assistance with incontinence.
  • Dressing Assistance
    • Getting dressed is an important part of beginning or ending the client's day. Just because our assistance is needed doesn't mean our clients should not carry on with their lives. That's what we're here for.
  • Appearance Assistance
    • Look great and feel great. That's our motto in assisting with appearance. We want our clients to look in the mirror and smile.
  • Meal Preparation and Feeding Assistance
    • Maintaining healthy weight can be a problem for the infirm. Keeping up with daily food and liquid intake is paramount to good health. We can prepare meals and provide the assistance necessary at meal time.
  • Transfer Assistance
    • The task of moving in and out of bed, wheelchair or even to a walker can be difficult. Our caregivers are experienced in this fundamental task.

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Home Care Services

  • Light Housekeeping
    • The home is where our client's heart resides. Our caregivers want to ensure the house is a place where the client feels comfortable. We can aid in cleaning the kitchen, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, changing linens and making the bed.
  • Kitchen Cleaning
    • Cleaning countertops, cupboards, drawers, loading and unloading of the dishwasher, sweeping the floors ensures the kitchen is a pleasant place to prepare a meal.
  • Bathroom Cleaning
    • Our caregivers will ensure the restroom is sanitized and safe for the client.
  • Changing Linens
    • A clean bed is one of the quickest ways to a good nights sleep.
  • Laundry
    • This is another task that often goes undone, as a loved one begins having difficulty keeping up with their ADL's (Activities of Daily Living). Our caregivers can help with loading and unloading of the laundry from the washer and dryer, folding and storing away.
  • Completing Errands
    • The things left undone. It never ends. We can help you keep up with them. Our caregivers can aid with completing these tasks so that our clients can go on with doing the things they want to do.

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Companion Care Services

  • Conversation
    • When your senior parent needs someone to reminisce with about past life experiences, personal stories or grandchildren, their caregiver will be there to provide the friendly act of listening.
  • Medication Reminders
    • It's important that our clients maintain medication regimens to remain healthy.
  • Assistance With Daily Routines
    • Our caregivers can assist our clients in their daily routines, providing help with getting out of bed in the morning and safely back into bed at the end of the day.
  • Encouragement And Planning Social Activities
    • Remaining actively engaged in life is key to our client's happiness. Our caregivers want to help in keeping your family member independent by encouraging them to embrace all of the activities their local community has to offer. Spending time with family and friends in activities enjoyed by the client is one of the surest ways to achieve this end. Outings into the community, trips to visit local sites, shopping, movies and the endless list of other things to do await the client's choice to get involved. Come on. Let's live!
  • Transportation
    • Our caregivers can assist and accompany our client to shopping, errands, physician's visit or family gatherings.
  • Planning/Scheduling Assistance
    • When requested, we can act as a personal assistant in scheduling and keeping appointments and other regular/necessary visits and activities.
  • Encourage Active Lives
    • Being engaged in life is important to maintaining mental, emotional and physical health. Assurance Companion Care caregivers encourage activity and regularly accompany our clients on walks. Exercise energizes the body and mind.
  • Entertainment
    • We can help structure pastimes, hobbies and games to keep our clients stimulated.
  • Dementia Care
    • Our caregivers are experienced with Alzheimer's Disease and other types of Dementia. We understand the special care necessary to ensure safety. We do encourage our clients to be involved with mental activities through puzzles, reading and games

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Transportation Only Services

  • Getting Around
    • Twenty-four hours notice is required for transportation only service.
    • The transportation only service is separate from attendant care and is intended for those who live independently of a caregiver. If the client wishes a personal attendant, then one can also be assigned to accompany them on the trip. A 2-hour commitment is required.

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Meal Delivery Services

  • Meal Programs
    • Chef prepared healthy meal programs can be delivered daily to your door by 6 a.m. The program provides from one to four 4 freshly prepared and nutrient-specific meals a day, breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch and dinner.¬† Dinner meal also comes with a great-tasting, sugar-free and diabetic-approved dessert. ¬†Dessert meals are naturally sweetened and protein enriched to prevent high blood sugar.
    • Meals/Menus are completely individualized to accommodate your specific health, dietary and lifestyle needs, as well as individual tastes and food preferences (likes/dislikes).
    • Health status, satiety and satisfaction are monitored on a weekly basis. Dietary revisions can be made if specific markers indicating improvements in health, mental acumen and meal satisfaction are not met.

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